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Alternative for iTunes – 360degreeus Music Management for Android and iOS

Every iPhone and iPod owner is painfully aware of iTunes and its many flaws. Especially when you have to sync a new device to your existing library. Well, now we have an iTunes alternative in software and in this post we’re going to discuss it.

home_banner_pc is a phone management application every smart phone user should try. iPhone users don’t need to deal with the same old iTunes interface anymore.

You can use this app as a single platform to manage everything in your phone. The distinct part is that everything related to an iPhone can be accessed and modified using this single application, and it has several options for transferring and modifying all kinds of media for both Android and iOS users.

Music Management

The app offers awesome music management features. It’s your one stop to arrange and handle all your music together.

Transfer music between devices

You can easily transfer all your media including music and videos between multiple devices. Moreover you can now make the music transfer without being limited to iTunes. The application offers you two-way synchronization between your computer and mobile device.

Convert media gives you the liberty to convert music and video files into the format of your own preference. You can now easily make all music compatible to your Android or iOS device. All conversions are done with sound quality preservation as a priority.

ID3 Tags

The app fixes ID3 tags for all your portable devices. You can now enjoy music on your Android phone, iPhone or iPod with proper album covers, ratings and data related to the singer. You can also customize the music info according to your own liking by changing the title or cover art.

Avoid Duplication

With one click of a button you can remove all file duplicates of any music file present in your mobile device. It matters a lot if you’ve gone through a music transferring disaster and have copied the same song multiple times. Hitting the de-duplicate button will simply do the job for you. is a complete mobile app which can help you in ways you can’t even think of. It can come in handy in various situations relying on its long list of features:

Transfer Files Between Android-iPhone and iPhone-Android

You can transfer all your photos, videos, music, contacts and other documents easily between multiple platforms. This app supports Android-Android, iPhone-Android and iPhone-iPhone transfer. One very unique feature of this application is that you can do two-way transfers.

Easy Backup

You can easily create a backup of your phone’s data and keep it safe for the future. All your contacts, SMS, photos, music and videos can be backed up in one place using this application. You can choose the importing method accordingly in the future. Whether you want to upload your backup on the cloud or transfer it to a device directly, it’s up to you.

Picture to GIF conversion

This application gives you another option to be creative by allowing GIF creation. Users can now make their own fancy GIFs by adding live photos or motion pictures to keep record of their memories in a better way. A GIF can also be created from multiple static images or by simply converting a video.

Use Phone as USB equips you with many simple features that make a big difference in daily routine. Turning your phone into a live USB is one of those features. You can easily export folders and files from your PC to your mobile device and carry them anywhere.

Root Android Device

This is one of the most demanded features by Android users these days. Rooting your Android was never as easy as has made it. You won’t have to go through long procedures anymore. Just click the root button and let the application do all the work. You can customize your device in various ways after doing so.

SMS Backup

This wonderful app also has everything a user may need to manage his mobile. You can now manage all your messages in a better and optimized way. With, you can now import or export messages from other devices into your mobile phone. Messages can be imported individually or as collective batches. You can also send text messages from your PC without even touching your mobile device.

Conclusion is a perfect mobile management application for both Android and iOS users. You can reorganize all your data in a better way and control your media however you want. Transferring files between different devices can be smooth alongside different kinds of backups that can be created with this app. is available for both Windows and Mac OS and you can purchase by clicking on the button below to get started. If you try the app, do leave your feedback via the 360degreeus contact.

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